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L-POD® Automatically Dehydrates Crude... Completely, Period!

L-PODNearly every oil industry periodical we pick today up has an article touting the intrinsic value of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and the “Internet of Things” (IoT). After all, automation cuts costs! But these 21st century concepts focus entirely on refinery plant automation. Their application in production facilities is not even suggested. One wonders why. Are production facility operations too wrapped up in the paradigms of the past? Cannot today’s facility engineers effectively bring facilities into the 21st century? Is the focus out of whack?

Let’s see! There are over 1.1 million active oil and gas wells in the US today but only 141 refineries. It seems we could conclude that the potential for production operations far outweighs any opportunity in refining. After all, the ratio is 7800:1. And, if AI and the IoT could do some good things in refining, how much more good could they do in our production facilities?

Maybe we should shift the focus! Can we? A new process system known as L-POD® does just that! It incorporates IoT and AI in a completely self-managed, selfcontained, skid mounted production process system that’s unlike anything ever before! It automatically dehydrates crude … completely, period! It’s exciting, it’s innovative. L-POD® is a 21st century “game changer”!

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The Internet of Things!

Combining “Artificial Intelligence” and the “Internet of Things” in Today’s Production Facilities


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