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Red Stag Energy, LLC

Gary Johnson, CEO & President

Gary is the business leader and founder of Red Stag Energy LLC, and co-inventor of L-POD®.

Gary attended University of Oklahoma. His diversified background is his strength. He has been a business owner with roles in business management, sales, fabrication, and plant management in both his own domestic building materials business and in the management and operations of oilfield crude oil reclamation plants.

Gary is personable and charismatic. Gary’s exceptional dedication to customer service is his passion. He goes the extra mile to make sure his clients are happy (he thinks of each client as his personal friend, and treats each one that way). As such, Gary is ONLY happy when you are happy, and he will do whatever he can to make sure you are more than satisfied with RSE’s efforts and L-POD’s performance. Gary is a hands-on, boots on the ground type of executive who will turn a wrench just as readily as he will ink a deal.

Gary is an avid hunter rooted in the energy business (thus the reference to a red stag deer in the name of his L-POD® company).

Gary is happily married to Kathy, a successful real estate executive, and is the father of two successful grown children.

Bill BallBill Ball, VP

Bill is Gary’s business partner, engineer, and the co-inventor of L-POD®.

Bill is a Mechanical Engineer with over five decades of oilfield experience. Bill’s passion is focused on improving the efficiency of oil field processes. Bill owns and operates his own company, High-Tech Consultants, Inc (see www.BreakThroughEngenuity.com), a firm focused on oilfield facilities designs. Bill is the named inventor in ten patents.

Bill is the positive and supportive technical resource for RSE and Gary. Bill is also passionate about client satisfaction and believes this is the true measure of his success.

Bill is married to Barbara, his wife of 47 years, and they are the parents of one grown son.


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