L-POD® Systems are designed to be portable or semi-portable. Each L-POD® is skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, and ready for installation wherever a client has crude oil with off-spec BS&W. Some L-POD® Systems are set permanently on a client’s location. This happens when the client has a high volume facility that traditionally receives off-spec crude oil. Some L-POD® Systems are permanently trailer mounted for ease of transportation so this L-POD® System can be easily moved for location to location. This is ideal wherever a client has multiple crude oil storage facilities. The typical facilities serviced by L-POD® are:
  • Large permanent crude oil pipeline tank farms
  • Smaller semi-permanent crude oil satellite tank farms
  • Salt Water Disposal plants
  • Waste oil reclamation plants
  • Oilfield oil producer tank batteries

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