L-POD® Performance


L-POD® Systems Eliminate Rejects

Over 600 of these are in service today throughout the oil industry.

L-POD®’ is unrivaled technology with a proven track record!

L-POD® uses the finest, highest quality components. L-POD® components are completely proven, as you see below:
  • Since 2010 over 1300 of L-POD®’s crude oil dehydration component have processed over 200,000,000 barrels of crude from virtually all shale oil and conventional formations from Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Granite Wash, Mississippi Lime, and beyond.
    • These L-POD® crude oil dehydration systems have a stellar history of processing all of this crude oil to below 0.03% BS&W.
  • L-POD® uses only low shear pumps to prevent aggravating the consistency of existing BS&W.
    • Progressing cavity pumps are very low shear, promoting fluid movement without making emulsions worse.
  • L-POD® uses only low shear full port butterfly and ball valves to eliminate the mixing energy needed to aggravate emulsions.
  • L-POD® uses only Tranter’s RSE specified P&F heat exchanger, the world’s most efficient heat exchanger system in the world.

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